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Ready for an unforgettable adventure in Iceland? Join us at Arctic Sky for an epic tour to Landmannalaugar, with a stop at the jaw-dropping Gjáin. Get off the beaten path, soak in Landmannalaugar's stunning landscapes and if you like, take a dip in Iceland's most famous natural hot tub.

If you are interested in photography get ready to capture the vibrant rhyolite mountains, steaming geothermal pools, and dramatic lava fields that make Landmannalaugar a paradise for photography enthusiasts. Immerse yourself in this otherworldly wonderland, where every frame tells a story. Don't miss your chance to snap extraordinary shots in Landmannalaugar – it's a photographer's dream. 

Have you heard about Gjáin? It's like stumbling upon a hidden gem in the heart of Iceland.

Our Landmannalaugar tour also includes a fascinating visit to the Hekla area, Iceland's legendary volcano. Prepare for a captivating experience as we take you up close to this active and enigmatic natural wonder. With its rich volcanic history, Hekla adds an extra layer of excitement to your adventure

Don't miss out on this incredible journey – Secure your private tour with Arctic Sky today!

11 hours 

June - Nov


Our vehicles have a comfortable seating capacity of four people, with a maximum capacity of six people

Price per tour 220.000 ISK

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